Australian artist, Susie Sierra was an actor and model before her creative instincts lead her into the world of fine art and beauty. She worked for Vogue Australia and Cosmopolitan magazine and also performed in film and repertory theatre in the USA. 

Her deep love for flowers and nature together with her experience in the beauty industry, inspired Susie to develop her own luxury range of beauty products.

"I'm passionate about high quality, natural skincare products for my beauty regime. My childhood was filled with the aromas, textures and exquisite bottles of luscious night creams, magical spray mists and evocative fragrances. It was a heady, gorgeous world and I loved how my mother's beauty products made her feel beautiful. They made me feel beautiful too." says Susie.


SIERRA GOLD face oils are infused with 24 carat gold for bright, radiant skin. Rich and potent flower and plant extracts rejuvenate skin, improving texture and repairing imperfections. The alchemy of gold contains rich antioxidants which stimulate blood flow, firming and improving elasticity.

Gold carries within its DNA, the mysteries of the universe. For centuries, Geishas have valued pure gold as the secret ingredient for their perfectly glowing skin. 

Our gold face oils also carry specially selected flower scents which enhance and soothe the emotions, gently supporting the internal flow of beauty through the olfactory system.

Our products are formulated under careful quality control at our facility in Sydney, Australia. To learn more about our products visit the SHOP or BEAUTY page.

More about SUSIE SIERRA:


"Nature is my subject. I grew up surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and my paintings reflect this. I feel fortunate to be an artist and try to see the world through fresh eyes every day.


"One day I had a vision in my morning meditation. Each morning I visit a beautiful garden full of flowers in my meditation but this particular morning, to my surprise, I was transported to a cool, dark cave beneath my garden. I reached down to a stream that was running through the cave to discover it was a glistening river of liquid gold.


"A plant-based diet nourishes and supports me. I love animals and believe we are the caretakers of our world. We support Australian Wildlife sanctuaries and charities


"Beauty begins on the inside, with our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world around us. Our thoughts become actions; acts of kindness are beauty in motion;  compassion is beauty in feeling. Our state of mind has a powerful effect on our health and beauty. The way we look at life influences how life responds to us. 


"As an artist, it's my job to break a few rules. I rely on my instincts and try to step outside my comfort zone especially when I'm creating. My style is outside the box. I'm a big fan of vintage, 60's & 70's. Because of my love for animals I never buy leather or fur.