Sierra Gold Deep is a blend of 24 carat gold leaf and 8 super botanical oils from different regions around the world. Gold stimulates blood flow to the tissues and imparts a lustrous glow to the skin. 


Designed especially for mature skin, this deeply penetrating formula also contains the oil of the sacred Blue Lotus flower. This flower is the special ingredient that helps repair proteins in the skin's structure, restoring strength and elasticity. A natural aphrodisiac, the scent of the Blue Lotus is said to promote feelings of euphoria and deep sensuality.


- Free from parabens, artificial fragrance and color, vegan, cruelty-free.



  • Rub clean hands together then apply to finger tips. Smooth over the face and mindfully press gently into the skin. For extra hydration, apply a few drops after your daily moisturiser. Suitable for use on face, neck and décolletage.