Success for us is combining a thriving business with initiatives that support life on this beautiful planet.  Supporting Mother Earth at this critical time is paramount. As we cultivate the earth's resources for our skincare, we are committed to giving back.

Cool Earth works alongside Indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction around the world. They do not create reserves or put up fences. They put Indigenous people back in control of their forest.

From the Congo, Amazon and Oceania to the Queens Canopy of 53 Commonwealth Nations, Cool Earth has saved over 900,000 acres, 154 million trees and over 48 billion litres of water annually.Each of Cool Earth's projects grows organically when neighbouring villages ask to come on board. As these villages link up, they form a shield to make the adjacent forest inaccessible to destruction.


By giving control back to the people that depend on the forest for survival, we can secure our own survival. We contribute approximately 4% percent of the profits from our face oils to Cool Earth Projects. 


For further details please visit Cool Earth Projects